Scribbler 043: BREDREN (Dispatch/Proximity/Demand)

Having featured an exceptional mix for us before, it only felt right  to get the Belgian outfit back to relaunch the podcast after a long break. Bredren continue to impress with their minimal and sinister sounds, having most definitely cemented themselves within the scene and who’s tracks are often played by all the top DJs. Be sure to check out their recent album released on Proximity.


Bredren - Infamous VIP [Proximity]

DRS & Jubei - The Puppeteer [Soul:R]

S.P.Y. - BRSTL Hardcore [The Nest]

Bredren - Red Powder (Unknown remix) [Proximity]

Young:G - Criminal Minds [Proximity]

Bredren - Source Code [Proximity]

LSB - XLRS [Shogun]

Spectrasoul - Bygones [Shogun]

Paragon - Heirship VIP [Samurai]

Bredren - Rotten (Unknown remix) [Proximity]

Fre4knc - Unkown

Enei & Eascolors - 2012 [Critical]

Skeptical - Imperial [Exit]

Alix Perez - Contradictions [Shogun]

Tom SMall - Next War (Bredren remix) [Free Download]

Spectrasoul - Light In the Dark (Etherwood remix) [Shogun]

Untitled - Unknown

Kolectiv - Cell State (Mystic State remix) [Proximity]

Artificial Intelligence ft. Sense MC - Thunder Cloud [Metalheadz]

Philth & Bredren - Unkown



AIM: Scribblerdnb
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