Scribbler 032: BREDREN (BE/Proximity/Break-Fast)

Not yet a very well known artist, but the music produced by this Belgian duo speaks for itself, being probably the best minimal I've heard this year. Keep an ear our for tracks such as Eclipse, Pulsar and Habitat, all being released very shortly, with Pulsar out Nov 7th on Proximity. TRACKLISTING (00:42):

Going Nowhere (Breakage remix) - Magnetic Man feat. John Legend [White Label]

Lost Sector - Mute & Mako [Ingredients]

I'm Free - Alix Perez [Shogun]

The Path (Skeptical remix) - Jubei [Ingredients]

Out There - Dub Phizix [Ingredients]

Brain Freeze - Fracture & Neptune feat. Martin Fieber [Astrophonica]

Provide - Villem [Utopia]

Guillotine (Breakage remix) - Phobia & Jubei [Coded]

Inner Disbelief - D Bridge [Exit]

Last Minute - Amoss [Horizons]

Habitat - Bredren [Break-Fast Audio]

Radiation - Foreign Concept & DBR UK [Samurai]

Cracker - Enei, Eastcolours & Noel [Critical]

Dreadnaught - Icicle feat. SP:MC [Shogun]

Pulsar - Bredren [Proximity]

Severance - Amoss [Insight]

Signal Drop - Joe Syntax [MedSchool]

Eclipse - Bredren [Break-Fast Audio]



Facebook fanpage:

Facebook account: Bredren Dnb

Booking address:

AIM: BredrenBE


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