Scribbler 033: RAVAGER (Simplify/Direct)

A huge talent from Poland. Ravager is stamping his mark firmly onto the dancefloor with his mighty synth and high-energy rich melodies. His tracks are rapidly finding their way into the collections of the worlds finest DJs for good reason. This is an outstanding mix full of energy and variety that'll keep you dancing.


Rocket Fuel - Ravager [Philosophy Dub]

Crush On You - Nero & Knife Party [MTA] >> Rude Boy (TC Remix) - Rihanna [Island Def Jam]

Gospel Truth - DJ Samurai [Sudden Def]

Friendly Intentions - Noisia [Vision]

Hollow VIP - Kinetik & Treo [Dub]

Send Dem - Serial Killaz [Titan]

Know Us (Ravager Drumstep remix) - Love and Light & Jillian Ann [Simplify]

Tonight - Wilkinson [Ram]

Raindrops - Ravager (Inv3rsion remix) [Simplify]

Extraterrestrials (Drumstep VIP) - Ravager [Darkvibe]

Do You Love - Sigma [Life] >> Dr Jekyll & Mr Hyde - Ravager [Dub]

Raindrops - Ravager [Simplify]

Reminisce - Camo & Krooked [Hospital]

Enchanted - Ravager [Dub]

Moods - Sidius & Rawkus [Steam]

True Born Playa - Gridlok & Prolix [Playaz]

Missing You (Zen remix) - Ravager [Direct]

Colorful - Geneticbros feat. Profit [Artist]

Ryon - Trippcore [Digital Colour]

Skylights (Phetsta remix) - Livewire & Indivision [Climate Dub] >> Rolling In The Deep (Nu:Tone remix) - Adele [Hospital]

Long Distance - Fred V & Grafix [Allsorts]

Arcade 2011 - Trippcore & Ad Gannon [Dub]

The Light - L.A.O.S & Trei [Viper]

Love - Geneticbros [Talkin Beatz]

Only For Your Love - Livewire & Indivision [Dub]

Time (Ad Gannon remix) - Chase & Status [Dub]

Demons (Trippcore remix) - Fenech Soler [Dub]

Words & Ideas - Ravager & Livewire [Climate]

Sunbeam - Ravager [Philosophy Dub]

Piano Anthem - Sonic feat. Diane Charlemagne [Hospital]

Mumbo Jumbo - Trei [Viper]

B.R.I.S.T.O.L - Danny Byrd feat. MC Risky [Hospital]

Everyday (Netsky VIP remix) - Rusko [Hospital]

So Good (Geneticbros remix) - Hirshee feat. Tonye Aganaba [Big Fish]

Yellow Shoes - S.P.Y & Marky [Innerground]

The World Is On Your Shoulders - Ravager [Dub]

Funk You - Camo & Krooked [Hospital]

Stomp - Subfocus [Ram]

Sack Full (Ravager remix) - Blunt Instrument [Simplify]

Spitfire (Kill The Noise remix) - Porter Robinson [Owsla]

Pitfall - Inside Info & Sidius [Steam]

Nightdrive - Metrik [Viper]

Runaway - Ravager [Dub]















BIO: One of the most active Polish drum'n'bass producers. His tunes were appreciated not only by wide audience from his home country, but also received lots of support from the major drum'n'bass DJs from all over the world.

Latest single on Direct Recordings called 'Missing You' remixed by one of the top jump up producers - DJ Zen (Flip Audio/Grid Rec./Ganja Rec.). gained attention of wide audience by reaching number #1 in Drum'n'Bass Arena Download Charts. Also received good marks from the major scene stars like f.e. Brockie, Nicky Blackmarket or Crystal Clear.

Ravager tracks are were aired on the most respectable radio stations, incl. BBC Radio 1, BBC 1xtra, Bassdrive & Kool FM and podcasts

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