Scribbler 037: GIOCATOR (IM:Ltd/Break-Fast/Black Seeds)

Hungarian Producer Giocator brings his dark murky low frequency sounds to the podcast. Having only begun producing recently, he has already managed to rack up a large and impressive discography that has been heard on dance floors the world over. Get ready for some serious baselines.


Against The Clock - Gerwin [IM:Ltd Dub]

Moondancer - Giocator [Modulate Dub]

Rafele - War [DSC14]

Water Beast - Robostus [IM:Ltd Dub]

Achime - Giocator [IM:Ltd Dub]

Furchtlosigkeit - 2Sides [Black Seeds]

Motion - Philth [Peer Pressure]

Space Jam - Future Signal [Trust In Music]

Caffeine Dream - Dose [Subtitles]

Hideout - Dabs & Safire feat. MC Lowqui [Avantgarde]

Illusions - Chris.Su [Obsessions]

Gatekeeper - Fresh [Ram] >> Come Correct - J Robinson & Shima feat. Grimm [Architecture]

Outsider - Andy Pain & Z Connection [Dub]

The Jakal - Kodo [Ingredients]

Codec - Dub Phizix [Critical]

Ultimatum - Andy Pain & Z Connection [Black Seeds Dub]

Sightlines - Joe Syntax feat. Jono McCleery [Med School]

Lubov Moya - Unquote & Molecular Structures [Med School]

Protection - Culture Shock [Ram]

Music In The Night - Dr Meaker [V Records]

Tonight - Wilkinson [Ram]

Rogue Town - Subsonik & Salary Man [Trust In Music]

Strong Day - 2Sides & Diagram [Black Seeds]

Yell At Me - Giocator [Dub]

Claymore - Future Signal [IM:Ltd Dub]

Dark Flower Remedy - Kryptic Minds & Leon Switch [Defcom]

Questions - Incident [Fokuz]

Sirocco - Giocator [Peer Pressure]

Stars Get Down VIP - Subwave [Free] >> Little Pills - Giocator & NSL [Peer Pressure]

Keep On Loving Me - Getz [Free]


AIM: g10c4t0r


AIM: Scribblerdnb



Peter Makkai, aka GIOCATOR was born in a small village in Hungary. He was twelve when he first meet with electronic music; at this time he especially likes house and techno music. Couple years later, hardtechno causes his dissapointment in 4/4 music, and that's when drum and bass came into his life... in 2005 Peter started to djing, and one year later he also started to producing electronic music; at first breakbeat, and then drum and bass tunes. As a dj he played with names like Hydro, No Money, Delta Heavy, Diode, Jay Rome or big hungarian names like Jade, Spinline, Munk, Zero Method, or Incident. As a producer his first little success was in 2009 when his first tunes were released. In may he was signed by Typecell's Protogen Records, where he made 3 singles and a remix release with Typecell. Now he has more than 30 released tunes, and he's the owner / manager of Black Seeds Recordings.

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